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Lindsey Baum went missing from McCleary, Washington on June 26, 2009. She was ten years old. She has brown/dark blonde hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a hoodie, blue jeans, and black slip on shoes, and underneath that she was wearing a mismatched red, white, and blue bathing suit. *I am not a part of Lindsey's family or search team. This, although given the ok by Lindsey's team, is not an official site. If you would like to contact Lindsey's team please go to one of the above links. *If you have any tips regarding Lindsey's whereabouts call 911, the Gray's Harbor County Information tip line at 866 915-8299 or the McCleary police at (360) 495-3107. You can also email!/looking4lindsey
Posted on 12 November
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